Large household waste

voor inwoners, met gemeenten

Is your waste to big for the container? There are two options.

  1. You can bring your large household waste to one of our recycling centers in Hilversum, Bussum, Weesp or Huizen. See for adress and opening hours our page ‘adressen en openingstijden‘.
  2. You can make an appointment with us to come and pick it up.

Pick up appointment

You can make an appointment with the green button or you can call us on working days from 08.15 till 12.00 hour.

What do we pick up:

  • furniture
  • refrigerators (only when empty and whithout the casing for build in refrigerators)
  • large cardboard boxes ( from TV, bike or furniture). Only when empty, so only the cardboard.
  • pruning waste from the garden. Only when tied together and no longer than 2 meters.

GAD will gladly collect your large household waste. However conditions do apply to ensure the correct pick up by our employees. Please do not place your large household waste out on the street before the morning of your appointment. Everybody enjoys a clean enviroment.

Please read the instructions carefully before making the appointment. Please note that the requirements are translates with google translate and may not by grammatically correct. Our apologies.

ENG rules large household waste